Sunday - February 21st

High and lifted up -Written by Doug Smith


John 3:14, 16  “the son of man must be lifted up … For God so loved the world that he gave his one  and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall   not perish, but have eternal life.” 

Nicodemus (nick-oh-deem-us) was a Pharisee …   part of an elite group of prominent Jewish leaders that gauged their spirituality based upon their      ability to follow Old Testament guidelines for behavior and morality. Intrigued by Jesus and His message, Nicodemus secretly interviewed Jesus   under the cover of darkness. In conversation, Jesus patiently unwraps a life transforming explanation beginning with God and ending with eternal life. God loves. God gave.  We believe. We live.  The exchange with Jesus left Nicodemus confused and conflicted. Nicodemus could not grasp that life-change was a God-thing, not something earned by performance  or following the rules. Nicodemus appeared to have the right reputation, credentials, education and religious language. But, Jesus  explained, being good was not good enough.

This conversation triggered change within Nicodemus. John 19 reports that Nicodemus publicly takes a bold stand for Jesus amid hostile public opinion. Then, after Jesus died on the cross it was Nicodemus who claimed and buried thebody of Jesus while the disciples were hiding.

This secret nighttime conversation resulted in Nicodemus’ death to life transformation.  How has Jesus invited transformation in your life?



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